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Join the KCFP&D

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Have you ever been interested in playing the bagpipes?  How about the drums?... no, probably the pipes.  Well, if you're like us and love the sound of the pipes and drums, you're in luck.  We're always looking for new members! 

 Come out to a practice and see what it takes to be part of the band.  There's no musical experience required!  (This will be evident if you drop by a practice.)

Or better yet, come on out to one of our performances and have a drink with the band; we're always willing to make new friends over a beer or three.

I know that the poster says Eastside - we haven't made a new one yet, but we're working on it.  And give Mike a call or use the Contact page, don't try the email shown on the flyer.

What's required to join the band?

First, you need to be an active or retired firefighter or police officer in a King County agency.  You also need to know that it takes A LOT of time and dedication to learn either the pipes or drums.  They can be very frustrating instruments, but are also extremely rewarding.  Lastly, being part of the band can be expensive, so you'll need to take these financial considerations into account.  Those are the big things you need to know.  Everyone has lots of questions, so the best way to get them answered is to either contact the band or drop by a practice or event and talk with some of the guys... again, over a beer is usually the best way.